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RICH MAN POOR WOMAN what are you doing to me?! you have officially taken hold of my attention and i'm so glad it's ending this week or else my school studies would be shot to hell.

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02 January 2011 @ 02:52 am
january 2nd, 2011. 0238.

Happy New Year! I thought I'd ring in the new year with a post. Maybe I can actually attempt posting.. but I probably won't keep up with it because I am what I am: a lazy ass.

I don't know if they were doing some kind of New Year's marathon on A&E, but I just watched like 5 hours of Dog the Bounty Hunter on TV. I don't even like this show but here I am 5 hours later. I'm not really sure why that just happened.

Okay to be completely honest, I am only posting because I needed something to take up my time so I wouldn't fall asleep. I'm waiting for my Gaki no Tsukai download to finish. I love their year-end "no laughing" specials. I think I am in love with Downtown. (Scarily so.)

I also sat through 5 hours of Kouhaku (it's an hour longer here because of all the commercials) and alls I can say is.. that was it? I mean, am I the only person who absolutely hated this year's line-up? My father and I considered writing a letter to NHK, clearly outlining which groups should perform next year. My mother and I counted all the people who were decent, and we ended up with 4 groups. Obviously NHK was trying to show the year's best sellers as much as freaking possible because I swear I saw an AKB member popping out of some bushes 80 percent of the time. I mean, I guess that's easy, considering there's 500 girls to show.

As far as Arashi as MCs, well. Um. Cool. It wasn't anything super super ~*special*~ and I think they did fine. 'Nuff said. I just wish for their performance, they did that superultrafastlightningspeed wardrobe change thing again because that freaking blew my mind last year.

Ahh. Now as the little utorrent pop-up has just informed me, my download has finished so I am off to see that now. Perhaps this year will finally be the year that I post more! (I just heard everybody say, "Yeah, right.")
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25 May 2010 @ 02:13 pm

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22 March 2010 @ 09:01 am
06 March 2010 @ 10:30 pm
dear sakurai sho,

THANK YOU SO MUCH for being at Music Station this time. It was exponentially better.

love, me. (and probably 99% of the fans out there.)
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january 28th, 2010. thursday. 10:46 am.

last night i had a dream about arashi.

we were all at some kind of dinner party and i pointed out to the members that nino has been using kansai-ben a lot recently.
i used some examples from recent shows, and then sho agreed with me.
then we both used more examples, and the rest of the members agreed with me.
so we started asking nino if he was going out with a kansai-jin.

and then i woke up.
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07 January 2010 @ 12:21 am
january 7, 2010 thursday 0:10

happy new year! i haven't made resolutions this year (well, i never do because i know i won't keep them) but perhaps this year mine should be to actually post something once in awhile. 'once in awhile' meaning monthly, AT LEAST.

i just have a bunch of random thoughts floating around in my head, so i shall use bullets!
  • does anyone else have a hard time figuring out the new jpopsuki?? I IS REALLY CONFUSED.
  • i just watched arashi's sakigake ongaku banzuke appearance ( here ) and i just could. not. stop. laughing. when jun kept teasing ohno about everything he was saying. and then i got really puzzled because sho got all sadface at one point. it was weird.
  • i'm pre-ordering arashi concert goods from nagoya! lol i am paying an arm and a leg for the shipping, but hey, the girl's going all the way to japan AND taking orders, so i gotta give props to her.
  • sooooo. why does kat-tun get to be on smapxsmap and not arashi? :(
  • school starts next monday. i is not happy. and i went to school today to apply for an office job at school and the lady who came out was all, "well i still need to screen people and have interviews so it may take awhile to process your application." which really irks me because it's just a no-brainer office job that i just need to take up some of my down-time at school. urgh.
  • i persuaded my family to watch shukudai-kun with me during the break. and i think i've got them conformed. or curious, at least.
    • my sister: "who's the closest in arashi?" i swear, she's asked me this before. so i gave her the same answer, "people like to believe ohno and nino." my brother: "oh i just thought they were gay. why are they always touching?" to which i had no answer.
    • my mother! everytime an ohno/nino moment occurs: "ano futari, kodomo mitai!" ..tell me something i don't know, mom
  • i spent too much on christmas this (or i guess it would be last) year. but on a brighter note, i think i've finally gotten to the age where giving feels better than receiving! i had a "blasty blast" (copyrighted by dane cook) thinking of gifts to get and then actually getting them.
  • i don't know if anybody else is a fan of cesar millan (the dog whisperer!) but i love him and his show, and i have recently come to find that i have not been keeping up with it. so i bought 3 seasons of it on dvd! now i just have to find the time to watch it. if you have a dog or if you are around dogs a lot, you will become a fan of this show. i kid you not. i don't even OWN a dog and i am a hardcore follower.
  • recently, all i've been doing is lying in my room and playing sudoku on my phone. and i've expanded my horizons! there's "squiggly" sudoku, where the boxes aren't 3x3, instead they're just all over the place. there's "hyper sudoku" where there are 4 more 3x3 boxes INSIDE the other boxes. and there's "x-sudoku" where you have to get 1 through 9 in the diagonals. oh my god i may need a life.
that reminds me! i wanted to post pictures of something but i forgot. when i remember, they shall come up!
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01 July 2009 @ 10:12 am
I work at a cafe. A lady customer walks up to the counter.

Me: Hi, what can I get started for you?
Customer: *stink eye* I'm not a sir.

She gave me a look that implied that I was the rudest person she's ever met. How about she start investing in a fucking hearing aid?
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12 June 2009 @ 10:55 pm

SOOO. My brother came back from his three week long vacation in Japan (don't even get me started on how jealous i was) and he got me the Ashita no Kioku single. ..HE GOT ME THE SINGLE. This is like the second Arashi thing I own so I was pretty fucking happy. AND I GOT THE ONE WITH STICKERS. The one that Sho was making fun of. Ha. Ha. (But in all seriousness, when will I use these stickers?!)

ALSO! I AM FINALLY CAUGHT UP WITH ZA QUIZ SHOW! No spoilers, but I love it. I love it a lot. At first, I just didn't have the time to watch it. Then I had time but I didn't want to watch it. Then I watched 3 episodes and it started to drag so I put it off for a long time. Then two nights ago, I marathoned 5 episodes and now I can't wait to watch the rest. I LOVEZ IT.

And I had a day off yesterday!! 珍しい。。So I went out TO PEARLRIDGE (aka the land far far away) with a bunch of friends, had LOTS AND LOTS of ice cream (seriously -- the dish is called "The Zoo"), shopped, ate dinner, and generally had a good time. AND the best part was I only spent $50 on clothes! YAY.

Oh and I had a weird dream last night. It started off with me and my sister going back to hula, but we somehow ended up in Japan. I remember buying something from a vending machine. And then we went into some sort of amusement park-ish thing. But it was all contained in a building. With weird floating things by the ceiling. And we could fly. And I don't remember my sister being there. ..I wasn't exaggerating when I said weird.

And Josh Hartnett was on this week's SMAPxSMAP!! That should be exciting, if not weird.

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07 June 2009 @ 12:24 am
RAWR. This happens every single fucking time I find something I could really really use or I really really want and I would never find in any other actual store. I go to Overstock.com, find something I like, and then when I add it to my cart, I can't even buy it because they don't fucking ship it to Hawaii! WHAT THE FUCK OVERSTOCK. They only ship certain items like clothing, but forget about electronics and even accessories like handbags because oh, what? "One or more products cannot be shipped to the indicated Shipping Zip Code." WHY?! BUT YOU GUYS CAN DO INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING?? WHAT KIND OF FUCKING SENSE DOES THAT MAKE?

Urgh. Forget that damn iPod car kit.
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